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Schlund+Partner could have hosted more domains if they didn’t choose to serve only those with 1&1 Internet services. As it is, they are already Europe’s leading domain registrar, so they could top the list of market players if they had extended their services to just everyone else.


In this changing technology world, you must find a web hosting company with enough talent to tackle and managed to provide high quality hassle free hosting service with good adaptability of recent technologies. For the last few years, there are so many changes in the booming Internet technology and especially Web2.0 technology has entirely changed the usage of website. Avail traffic booster from 1&1 to increase the traffic rate to the website and get included in the search results of top keywords in several search engines. Using the flexible payment options, the budget customers can take benefit out of it. Over the past few years, many changes have been done on the web hosting plans offered by 1and1 after getting overall feedback and expectations from the customer side. Good support PayPal and most famous transactions nowadays to make payment for hosting and other related services. Dedicated SSL and Domain Privacy can be added in addition with the hosting plan to increase the security level and keep the privacy of the website owners. With the help of 1and1 coupon, one can enjoy the discount from the service provider.

1and1 hosting review tells several advantages of dealing with this company, and you can find so many testimonials reflect the joy of customers in hosting website. Full customer satisfaction is guaranteed to all types of hosting customers without seeing partiality. Anyone can transfer domains from bad web host to 1and1 without making payment for site transfer. Nowadays, 1and1 hosting has started to give importance for mobile apps and Internet Marketing that results a huge increase of the number of customers. Consider going through a 1and1 review, so that you can have a better idea about the web host.


The price we advertise is the price you pay for a domain registration. There are no setup fees or additional costs- ever.

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All 1and1 Domains include

FREE Private Domain Name Registration (not available for .us or .co and .ca)
5 Page Starter Website Builder
E-Mail Account with 2GB Mailbox Space
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