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Domain name is something that everyone will search for and see when they are online. Whether they are buying things or are just looking for information. If you are looking to start an internet website or a business online, your Domain name will be the first impression and a showcase to all searching for it.

To help you gain the better of the first impression, I found out 3 simple yet incredible tips that will speed up your search for a good domain name.

#Tip 1: Find a name that reflects your business

Buy a Domain Name that relates to your business or website. All you need to do is to identify what is your business or website and find a name that relates to it. For example; if you are selling luxury bags but you buy a domain name that is called It simply doesn't relate.

#Tip 2: Use easy to remember names or keywords

How many times do you type in the exact phrase for the things that you are looking for on the search engine? It is all the time!!

Buy a Domain Name that consists of the exact search name will stand a higher chance for you to be found easily. Such domain name focuses the search directly on to your website and made it easy to remember too. For Example; if you are starting a website for luxury bags, it is better to use a name that consists the exact phrase like and not

#Tip 3: Use the right extension

Buy a Domain Name with an extension that will allow you to represent your business or website properly. There are different types of domain name which have certain type of extensions with ending such,.net,.org and even country codes such, etc.

.com - Commercial (by far the most recognised domain name extension)

.net - Network (initially intended for network oriented sites but no longer the case any longer)

.org - Organisation (usually and originally intended for non-profit or trade organisation)

Always remember to buy.coms first if it is available, followed and then the rest. If you are focusing on a local business, you may want to use your country extension (generally reserved for commercial related website based in that country) to better identify your business location.

To buy a Domain Name is really that simple with these 3 Incredible Simple Tips. Simply follow these 3 tips: Identify what is your business or website is about and find a name that relates to it. Remember to use an easy to remember name or keywords so that it can be found easily. Having the right extension will allow you to represent your website properly for all visitors. Once this is done, go to a really reputable domain name registrar like and buy your domain name.