Buying a Website Domain: Keeping Up With Business Trend PDF Print E-mail

If you have a new business and you want to launch it, wouldn't it be wiser if customers can reach you through phone call, email, and chat? Wouldn't it be more convenient if they can track their order online? Wouldn't it be best to view their desired product/service in just a click?

If you answer yes to all, then having an online store is the solution to your account management and marketing needs. But, having an online store means having your own website. And this requires you to acquire your own website name/address, called domain.

A domain is your unique website name and address in the internet. It is the recognizable group of words that is equivalent to your computer's IP Address. It is your I.D. in the World Wide Web where people can recognize and reach you. It is your ticket in venturing into website business. Having a domain name entitles you to start building your online store.

To emphasize, you need to register your "online business name" first. This is like applying for business permit at government, but this time, from accredited domain registrars such as,, and These three enlist your unique name in the internet and provide you with other services such as web hosting support, database recovery, SQL databases, sub domains, and free email accounts.

To restate, why you need such website domain? Simply because this is the first step in having your own business name in the World Wide Web. You can register through any domain registrar and pay a minimal fee each year. After that, you can start building your website by putting images and data. You may need a professional to do the website administration for you, if you are not proficient in using applications such as cPanel, Plesk, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

After availing a domain name and hosting service, you will be asked by your domain registrar to pay annual fee. It starts at a minimal fee and it gets higher as you demand for higher bandwidth or more features. When things are set, you are ready to launch your business website.

By having a business website, you will be able to display your products and services online. It can be accessed by the virtual market 24/7. This gives you leverage in capturing at least 200,000,000 people worldwide who are almost online 8 hours a day. That's an instant catch especially if your product caters to the needs of young people such as games, fashion, sports, technology, and academics.

By having your own website, you literally can attract your target market to purchase in just few clicks. That's instant commerce at minimum effort.