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Founded in 1998, Domain Discount 24 is a subsidiary of Key-Systems GmbH, and it is one of the world's leading domain registrars. The company obtained a license to register international domains from ICANN just a few months after the United States government terminated their monopoly on assigning internet addresses in late 2000.

Since its inception, Domain Discount 24 has grown rapidly in both the amount of customers they serve, as well as the value of their market share. Currently, Discount Domains 24 holds the registration for over 1.8 million domains, offering domain registration, DNS and web hosting products and services to clients around the world.

Domain Discount 24

Domain Registration

Being a subsidiary of Key-Systems, Domain Discount 24 is currently part of a network of domain registrars that are amongst the top 10 domain registrars (in terms of volume), according to ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

Domain Discount 24 simplifies the process of registering a domain, while also offering a vast selection of domain TLDs. Once you've purchased a domain, you can modify it easily through the user-friendly interface given to every customer.

Domain Discount 24 also offers specific email forwarding for up to eight email addresses, as well as compatibility with your own IP addresses, name servers and mail servers. Customers also receive free WHOis updates at any time and an unlimited amount of sub-level domains for each domain. Every Domain Discount 24 customer also receives comprehensive 24 hour support via phone and/or email.

Web Hosting

As a web hosting provider, Domain Discount 24 is committed to providing robust hosting plans that can be personalized to accommodate the needs of virtually any webmaster or online business owner. As their web hosting slogan indicates, “Everything is Customizable,” and they do an excellent job of upholding this promise by providing extensive support and assistance for new customers that are unsure of their server needs.

As a Domain Discount 24 web hosting customer, you'll receive FTP access, unlimited sub domains, PHP 5 and MySQL compatibility, and the ability to host multiple domains without purchasing an additional hosting plan.

Email Solutions

Domain Discount 24 also offers email solutions to anyone, even if you have not yet purchased a hosting plan from them. Their email solutions include but are not limited to POP 3 Mail Boxes, IMAP Post-Boxes, email forwarding, catch-all email addresses, and 24 hour comprehensive telephone and email support.

If you currently own an online business and need access to simplified and robust email management systems, then you may want to consider the cost and efficiency of an email solution from Domain Discount 24.

  • A domain registration through includes the following features::
  • Simple and real-time modifcation of your domains through your personal customer-online-interface
  • URL-Forwarding (regular/hidden)
  • Specified Email-Forwarding for up to 8 Email-Addresses
  • Use of own IP-Address, NameServer and Mailserver possible
  • Free WHOIS-Update at any time. (Except of the TLD´s mentioned in the pricelist below)
  • Unlimited number of Sublevel-Domains
  • Use of our Nameservers
  • Email- and Telephone-Support