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Domains are one of the most important things you can get for your webpage. It is one of the most important parts because it is the address the individual is going to use in order to get traffic and customers to your website. It looks extremely unprofessional to be piggybacking off someone else's website such as the free WordPress sites that are hosted by the company. A domain name is a fancy way of saying what the website address is such as

Domain registration is extremely cheap nowadays. You can get a domain for as little as $5-$10 a year. If you're planning on running a successful online business, you should be able to invest the $10 and get a proper domain name. You should be buying a domain name that has to do with your product or service you are offering.

You should think about registering a domain name before you actually go about doing. There's a certain level of planning that has to be done before the registration process. You need to come up with a catchy name that people will remember and one that is also search engine friendly. After all, your domain name is an extension of the business you're running and will be the deciding factor on whether people click your link or not. There are many types of domain extensions available such etc. When in doubt make sure to choose extension. This is the most common one and probably the most search engine friendly extension that exists today.

Make sure you're using a reputable registration service. I highly recommend you use GoDaddy. If you decide not to register your domain with GoDaddy, to make sure you do some research into the company before you register your website. Some scam sites will even steal your domain and try to sell it to you for a much higher price then you would've paid if you went through a reputable dealer. There are many scam companies out there that will take your money and run. Don't fall into this trap!

Make sure that the company has a good review online as well as e-mail and telephone support. These are clues that you're dealing with a reputable company. Also look for companies that look for accreditation such as ICANN. Reputable companies will seek these out because it boosts their image which means more business for them.

You should try to get keywords into your domain name. For example if you're selling cell phones than you'd want to put the keyword cell phones into your domain. Some people go crazy with this and make huge long domain names. They do this mainly because they want to get as many keywords as possible in their domain. You not want to do this because it's hard to remember and Google is likely to penalize domains that do this as they update their algorithms.

Try to choose a domain name that is as short as possible but preferably tells what your company is all about. If you do this successfully you will have laser targeted traffic coming to your website.
When you're registering a new domain, make sure not to use anyone else's trademark. You don't want to have any legal liability if you use the word Microsoft in your domain name for example. Keep it unique and keep it generic. Companies have been known to sue business owners that infringe on their copyrights and trademarks.

Another thing I see many website owners use hyphens in their domain name. Do not do this because it's extremely hard for customers to remember the hyphen. People may remember your website name I forgot that you had a hyphen within the domain. Your promotion might help another business make some sales! To be on the safe side just don't do it.

If you have the money, make sure you buy as many extensions as possible. You don't want any other company trying to piggyback off your success.

So to summarize, make sure you choose a reputable company to register your domain with, and choose a unique name that is easy to remember. Registering a domain will make you look more professional and give you more credibility in the industry. This is a cheap and extremely important thing that you need to do to start your business off right.