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Second on the list with a distant 8.1% market share is Enom. Although trailing GoDaddy by quite a bit, it doesn’t mean that Enom’s service is of questionable quality. Enom provides excellent domain name registration services.

You get the following services for free with your domain name; 24/7 Customer Support, Domain/URL Forwarding, Web Site Creator Lite, and Sub-domains hosting.


eNom is a reputable and longstanding domain registrar that helps businesses, individuals and organizations buy and sell domains and web-based services. eNom is a subsidiary of Demand Media, and it has been awarded several top 20 awards for their performance as a web host and a registrar. In fact, eNom has a proven record of 99.998% uptime since 2005. eNom provides domains and a variety web hosting services, including Linux hosting.

The following information summarizes some of eNom's services and outlines the benefits of using eNom over other domain registrars.

Domain Names

Through eNom's user-friendly web site interface, customers can register, renew and transfer domains with ease. If you're interested in a domain that has already been registered by another entity, eNom gives you the option of backordering the domain to reserve your bid for it when it becomes available.

eNom also gives their site visitors the ability to search the WHOis database to obtain DNS records, such as date of expiration and ownership details about specific domains.

24 hour support, domain forwarding, and Web Site Creator Lite are all included for free with every domain registration.

eNom also sells premium domains that have a higher SEO advantage and are generally more memorable and more desirable.

Enom Domain Reseller

For example, let's say you become a reseller for eNom. They set your price at $9.95 per year for a.com website name. If you sell .coms for $15.95 (your retail price), you'll have to pay $9.95 to register the domain, $0.95 as a "merchant service fee", and then an additional $0.47 (3% of your retail price) as a "merchant services convenience online access fee." Bottom line is that you make $4.58 as your net commission from the sale of one domain name. Depending on how much business you get, how much traffic you can move through, and how much you're willing to pay upfront as a set-up cost to be a reseller, you can get different rates when you buy your domains.

In the eNom example, in order to get your domain name price at $9.95, you would need to pay $495 in set up fees. If you wanted to sell eNom names without a setup fee, the domain name price that you would get is $10.95 per year which eats into your commission. On the other hand, you could pay a larger set up fee like $995 and get a.com price of $8.95 per year. If you were willing to pay $1595 in set up fees, you could get a.com pricing of $7.95 per year. You get the idea.

To put this all in perspective. eNom allows their power resellers to buy.com domain names at $7.95 per year. If you wanted to buy a URL from eNom directly, you have to go to their eNom Central website which sells.com website addresses at $29.95 per year. This suggests that eNom is making over $20 commission on the sale of their domain names. Would you be able to sell.com domains at $29.95 per year? Probably not. There are several good domain name registrars out there that sell.com names at $10 per year including domain name privacy registration. You just need to know where to look.

Expired Domain Registration Services - Enom Club Drop

Backorder start price is optional$10 or $30. Enom uses a pay for performance business model. If enom does not catch the domain when it expires then you are not charged. If you are the only person that backordered a domain for $10 the domain then goes to public auction, but if you backordered it for $30 or more and enom catches it, you are awarded the domain. If the expired domain was backordered for $30 or more by more than one person, the domain is then up for private auction.