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Number one on the list with unassailable lead of 32.5% of the market and 32.8 million domain names hosted is GoDaddy.

The company has been around for many years, building a base of satisfied clients as they progress through the years. GoDaddy offers more than just domain name registration, they also host websites and email accounts, offer online security products and even design and build websites. For a very reasonable price of $9.99 a year, you can register your favorite domain name with the best domain name registrar.

GoDaddy is one of the most popular domain name registrars and web hosting companies around. They are certainly big and reliable, but I find their user interface somewhat clunky and difficult to get around. That said, they still do domain registration very well, with a LOT of services available.

With every new purchased domain name you get the following Free Extras:

  • 1. Go Daddy Photo Album - View, share and manage your favorite photos online, with your own personal online photo album.
  • 2. Personalized Email Account – with 1GB total storage. your personalized email account is customized to the domain name that you use for your Web site.
  • 3. Hosting with Web Site Builder - Activate free hosting with Web site builder to create a 5-page Web site.
  • 4. Starter Web Page - Enjoy a professionally designed home on the Web in seconds! Put your domain up for sale at its own address or tell the world your site's "coming soon."
  • 5. Quick Blogcast - Create, manage and promote your own blog and podcast. Post your stories, thoughts and ideas on your blog and invite readers to leave comments. Use their recording tool to create your own audio and video podcast and upload it to your blog to share with visitors. It’s a must-have blogging application, and it is free.
  • 6. Domain Forwarding & Masking - Redirect your domain name to whatever URL you choose. And with masking, users don't see the underlying address; only what they type.
  • 7. 100-Pack Email Forwarding - Set 100 variations on your basic "@domainname" email address.
  • 8. Auto Renew Protection - Keep your domain name secure by automatically renewing your registration. Never worry about forgetting to do it manually.
  • 9. Total DNS Control - Manage your domain name server (DNS) records, set your email, FTP, sub-domains, web site location, and more.
  • 10. Change of Registration - Assign your domain name to another registrant, right online.
  • 11. Status Alerts - Monitor key status indicators to your domain and get instant alerts if there's any change.
  • 12. Domain Locking - Prevent unauthorized or accidental transfers, and stop anyone from misdirecting your name servers.
  • 13. Both credit card and PayPal payments are accepted.

Multiple Domain Extensions Availability

If there is one thing that many internet entrepreneurs will agree with me on, is that the Godaddy domain registration service is one of the most popular in the market. Many people both in the US and outside the US use it to register their domains. It is for this reason that the company has become one of the largest companies held by private individuals. In addition to that, it has also scooped several Best Overall Registrar awards.

When looking for domain name registration with Godaddy, you first need to examine the kind of name that you are looking for. Many of the people that I know strive to go for the top level domain names. These are the .com, .net, .org, and .info. domain name is the most popular and it is used to provide identity to commercial organizations; organizations that are in existence for the sake of making a profit. On the other hand, the .net is the domain extension that is used by technical institutions or those that deal with computer related stuff. However, many people who find that their .com names have already been taken usually go with the .net. The .org and the .info extensions are meant for the non-profit organization and information based websites respectively. The reason why I am bringing out these extensions at length is because you might find that some names go for different prices, and it is important that you know the reason why.


When starting out with a Godaddy domain name registration, you are likely to find the products selling at a discount. Right now, extension is selling for $10, the .net for $9 and the .org for $15. However if you do not have the money to spend on these names or if all your favorite names with these extensions have already been picked, then you can spend $1 and get domain name for one year. These offers are what make the Godaddy domain registration stand tall among the competitors.

Although a lot of people are usually eager to purchase these top level domains, you do not have to stick to the same pattern. This is because the best names with these extensions have already been picked and you might not have the chance to register them. If this is the case with you, you can then pick the other names such as .mobi, .me, .us among others. You won't lose much.

GoDaddy Bulk Registration

If you are like me, and you buy a domain name say, after one year, then you might probably be wondering what you have to do with GoDaddy bulk domain registration. However, not everyone is like you and I; there are plenty of people who buy domain names in bulk because they are either involved in so many business, or they want to protect their names from cybersquatters. Unfortunately, some of the people who love this feature a lot are the very cybersquatters who buy domain names which they do not intend to use, but which they just buy with the hope of selling them later.

But if you are a genuine internet entrepreneur and you would like to go ahead with GoDaddy domain registration, then the information in this article will be extremely useful to you.

The.Com Extension

If you want to buy extension from GoDaddy, you'll have to part with $10.69, if you are going to buy a single domain. This rate remains the same for up to 5 domains. If you are going to buy under the bulk banner, then you will have to pay $9.99 per name for between 6 - 20 names, and $8.99 per name for up to $49 names. The prices can go to as low as $7.69 per domain for up to 500 domain names. In addition to the reduced prices as a result of the bulk purchase, you need to understand that you as the owner of the name will access free private registration. Now this is a very important thing since you will not be publicly listed as the owner of the domain since this will help you not have your details posted for the entire world to see. Instead, the name GoDaddy and the details will be the ones that will up for display.

Other Extensions

The rest of the domain extensions also have the same benefits of reduced pricing and the privacy registration. Apart from the registration of new names with GoDaddy, there is also the feature which allows you to transfer the names in bulk to GoDaddy. Even this one has its own discounts and advantages but that is the subject of another day.

However, it is important to note that as you make GoDaddy bulk domain registration, you do not just do it for the sake of getting the discount. Do it because you expect to reap a reward from registering the domains in bulk. And the domains should not be for blackmailing purposes.