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If you are planning to make a income on the internet through your own internet marketing website or you just want to put up a website or blog about your favorite subject, there are certain steps that you have to complete first before you will be able to view your website online. One of the first and most important of these steps is buying a domain name. When you are new to this process it may all seem to be a little challenging, knowing just how to get started or what you have to do. If you find yourself in this position this article will definitely aid you when you are ready to buy your first domain name.

What is a domain name?

Simply explained a domain name is your one of a kind address on the internet. It allows Internet browsers (individuals searching the internet) to locate your particular website. Your domain name may be made up of your name, your business name, or variation of a set of relevant words associated with your website, company product, theme or subject. A good domain name will pretty much let people know what your website is about before they actually see or visit it.

Things to do before buying your domain name?

Because people and businesses have been buying up domain names for years now, it has been said that all of the good domain names have been taken already. Maybe this is true to some extent, however with a little research and imagination there should be no reason that you cannot create or find a domain name that you will be suited to you and or your website subject or niche. A good idea is to try to think of names or combinations of words and names that not only will tell the web surfer what your website is about but also be a name that is easy to remember, easy to spell, hard to forget. A domain name can be up to 67 characters in length, so it can also include names made up of a small phrase. such as "" or "". These kind of domain names not only focus directly on what your website is about they are easier to remember than abstract or random characters or letters thrown together. You must also be aware that there are different types of domains which all have their certain type of extensions or ending: - Stands for company/commercial, but it can pretty much be used for any web site. - Stands for network and is usually used for a network of sites. - Stands for organization and is supposed to be for non-profit entities., .nu,, - Are country specific domain extensions that may require the register to be a citizen of the given country., .info - These and other like them are domain types that have been added because there are barely any short and intelligible domain addresses left to register.

When you are determining the type of domain name that is right for you simply stick to these guidelines: In the United States try to get In other countries, if you cannot get, then using your country's domain extension is a workable remedy

Write down the different names you come up with that appeal to you, make sure to put down as many as you can think of so that when you begin your search for available names to buy, if your first choice is already taken, as it very well may be, you will have a number of alternate or backup names that you can try. Many times finding the exact domain name you want can be "HIT or MISS" it is good to be prepared. You may also be able to keep the domain name of your choice by simply changing one letter, character or hyphenation within the name.

If you are determined to have a particular domain name and find out that is already in use by someone else there may be the option of purchasing that name directly from the owner by using the "Whois System" to help you identify the current owner of that particular domain name so that you may contact and make a offer to purchase that particular domain name. However because this is your first time buying a domain name and that method can involve much more, I will save the how to about that issue for a later time or article.

Register Your Domain Name

Once you have your list of preferred domain names you can now locate a service online that will not only show you the availability of the names but also register your chosen domain name as well. There are many of these companies and services to choose from. some of the better known and reliable services are:

"","Domain Name" and "", you can also do a Google Search for "Domain name registries" to find other places to register your domain name.

Be prepared to pay between $8-$15 for your right to own your name for a one year period. This payment must be made annually to keep your ownership of your Domain name active. That is a good reason to choose a name that you will want to keep for a long time period. so that people will know exactly what your name is and where to find it over the years.

The last thing you will need to do is to take the IP address information provided to you from your webhost and in put input it at your domain name register before your domain name will function properly. It will allow the "DNS" (Domain Name System) to locate your domain name and website when your domain name is typed into a internet browser, this is called pointing you r domain name to your web host servers. A majority of domain registrars will probably require your IP and DNS server names in the course of registration, although some will call for you to go in and enter the information manually enter after your domain name registry fees have been paid.

Once you begin to follow the steps mentioned here in this article to buy your domain name you will see for yourself that they are not complicated at all, in fact buying a domain name is quite a simple process, so don't let the idea of doing this very important task yourself stop you from getting your first domain name online.

Additional Tips

Is it essential to show more importance to the domain names during registration? Of course domain or website address has lot to do in your business. Even though the question looks silly, choosing the right domain can do lot of wonders in your business. Here are some quick tips to choose the best domain to increase traffic and profit.

  • Suppose, if your business is marbles and tiles, then you should choose the domain close to your business. Most of the customers, type the name of the product or services they want in the website address column and search for it. So, if you have the domain as " or", then you are sure to grab more surprise audience.
  • If you are doing internet online business, then you have a different method to choose the domain name. For this, you need to do some research in search engines and pick the suitable keyword that is used by the people which is related to your business.
  • The Google search engine is a place where millions of people search for websites by inserting a keyword. Find out which keyword is used again and again in the Google bar in the last one month. If a keyword is used more than 25,000 times in a month, then that should be the apt one for your domain. Include this keyword in your domain name. Some time you may not get the required domain. In such situation do not go for some other domain, instead prefix or suffix the keyword with any small word. Suppose, if you could not create "" you can alternatively make mild modification and convert it as "". This simple technique is followed to attract more visitors to your site and get top ranking in Google, yahoo etc.
  • Always avoid using hyphenated domain names and lengthy domain names. Lengthy names are difficult to remember and could not be memorized easily. Hyphenated words are very difficult to type and if it goes wrong one time, visitors may not try it another time. They simply switch over to some other site that Google displays.
  • People get lots of confusion in choosing the extension for their domain names. Your first choice should be to choose '.com' as most of the people casually type '.com' behind every website address. So, prefer to and stop the visitor from entering some other sites.