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Melbourne IT is Australia’s fastest growing web hosting company.

Domain registration costs $35 per year but for additional charges, Melbourne IT can design a website, build a Facebook page and host your website for you. They can even promote your website for you with a free 30-day trial thrown in. If you’re looking for global domain names such as .co,,,, .travel, .biz, and etc, Melbourne IT can arrange that for you too!


Melbourne IT is the largest Australian based domain registrar, having accumulated more than 300,000 customers since its inception in 1996. The company offers domain name registration, web hosting, web design, and brand promotion services through a variety of plans and packages that can accommodate a wide range of client needs.

Melbourne IT is a complete web-based services provider, offering solutions for the individual, small business owner, and large corporation alike. The company currently employs about 700 staff in 18 offices stationed in 10 countries throughout various regions of the world.

Melbourne IT is a renowned domain registrar with a customer base that includes Fortune 500 companies and government agencies, and it is constantly expanding its outreach by offering new products and services.

Domain Name Services

Melbourne IT offers $150 worth of free products and services with every registered domain name, including a free starter page with web hosting, free search engine starter's pack, free DNS software, free web forwarding, a free domain certificate, free searchZONE advertising, and free 24 hour support.

The company offers all of the basic domain names one would expect to find at a reputable registrar, and it also specializes in providing Australian, European and Asian domain names.

Through their user-friendly web site, customers can renew their domain registration, transfer domains, search the WHOis database for domain records, and browse through the selection of products and services with simplified navigation.

Web Hosting Services

Melbourne IT offers four different shared hosting plans – Starter, Business, Business Plus, and Enterprise. All of these plans include 24 hour support, access to powerful web statistics, spam and virus protection, webmail access, and free data transfer services. The plans include no setup fees, guided setup, and the support, security and reliability that Melbourne IT has become known for.

Aside from their shared hosting plans, the company also offers Linux and Windows dedicated hosting and VPS solutions. Other web hosting related products offered by Melbourne IT include SSL certificates, email services and web site design assistance.

Guarantees and Reliability

Melbourne IT guarantees 99 percent uptime for all their web hosting plans, and over the past decade, they've done an excellent job of upholding this promise and maintaining a strong customer satisfaction rate.

Working with Australia's largest domain registrar means you don't have to worry about the inconsistency of newer and more unreliable companies. With 24 hour customer support, as well as an extensive web site that provides plenty of answers, Melbourne IT provides some of the most comprehensive support in the industry, ultimately leading to consistent reliability and a trustworthy relationship between the registrar and their clients.


If you're a native to Australia or New Zealand, then you should strongly consider using Melbourne IT to register your next domain or purchase your next web hosting plan. Whether you're a CEO of a large corporation or someone looking to build your own personal blog, Melbourne IT can help you accomplish your goals quickly and easily.