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Making it to the top 10 list is Moniker who has hosted about 2 million domains under their belt. Moniker is serious about the domain registration business; they can help you to select the right name for your website even if it has already been registered. They also provide auctions on domain as well as serve as a domain broker. Their hosting rates are really attractive too at just $9.59 per year.

Moniker, a subsidiary of, is an ICANN-accredited full service domain registrar, premium brokerage, escrow services provider, and live online auction house. In conjunction with, Moniker provides a full portfolio of domain registration services, both of which are part of the family of web sites. has been marketed as 'the leader in Internet Real Estate' and is certainly one of the leading web-based services providers in the world.

Moniker provides toll free live customer support, the highest level of security, assistance from qualified domain specialists, and a suite of user-friendly domain management tools that can streamline the administrative tasks associated with being a webmaster and/or domain reseller.

Domain Registration and Management

Aside from providing highly affordable and convenient domain registration services, Moniker also offers some of the most robust domain management tools on the market. Features like Domain MaxLock and Portfolio MaxLock keep your domains secure, while parking and monetization is streamlined through Moniker's sister company, DomainSponsor.

Moniker also offers domain name appraisal services, which is incredibly useful for individuals that are trying to determine the value of their domains before selling them. Moniker also provides true domain escrow for use during buying and selling domain names, and customers also have access to experienced brokerage services that can help them find the right domain and sell their domains for the right price.

Domain Brokerage and Appraisal Services

Moniker provides domain brokering services that can help you find the domain name you want and need for your business or your clients. After conducting a regular domain search on the site, you may not be able to find the domain you're looking for. This is where Moniker's domain brokering services comes into play, helping you find domain owners that are willing to sell you a domain that fits your needs.

With Moniker's appraisal services, it is possible to pinpoint the market value of virtually any domain. Knowing the fair market value of a domain is the first step in conducting any successful transaction. Moniker's domain brokers have an incredible track record of finding the best buyers and sellers for clients, making Moniker one of the top 10 ICANN-accredited registrars in the world.

Moniker's WHOis Privacy and Other Domain Products

With Moniker's WHOis privacy service, you can control what information is displayed in the publicly viewable WHOis database that competitors, predators and marketers commonly use for nefarious purposes. Even if you've already registered a domain, it is possible to use Moniker's WHOis privacy service to remove or edit information that is already cataloged within the WHOis database.

Other services offered by Moniker are domain and URL forwarding, email forwarding, domain parking, expired domains, domain transfer, and web hosting services.

If you're looking for a reliable and reputable web-based services provider that can accommodate all of your needs in a centralized solution, then you may want to consider the benefits of doing business with Moniker.