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Another player with prices slightly on the high side, is Network Solutions which charges $34.99 per year.

However, making it to the list despite the higher price indicates that their services are great and that clients do not mind paying for the extra little bit. Network Solutions offer more than just domain registration. Speak to them if you need a web server, web marketing solutions, tools and services to secure your website or creating a mobile version of your website!

Network Solutions

Network Solutions' domain and site offerings aren't the cheapest, but they are unparalleled in terms of flexibility. If you plan to manage a large number of domains and Web pages, this provider is a great choice. Most other domain registrars offer canned packages for the domain name and Web sites of various sizes. Network Solutions reaches for a more à la carte approach.

To register a domain alone for one year costs $34.99, and to register a domain for a year with a starter Web page is $49.99. You get 24/7 toll-free support with every package. A five-page site is $109 per year, and a five-page site with two e-mail boxes is $149. No storage limit is imposed on your Web site. Network Solutions will let you register a domain for 100 years (for $999)—a helpful feature if you want to make your site permanent, because you'll never have to worry about renewals.

Where we find Network Solutions does excel above the rest, is in SSL Certificates for your website or ecommerce based store. Although alot of other registrar companies sell SSL Certificates, we feel that the goal of getting an SSL Certificate for your website is to establish customer confidence, as well as to provide security. Being that Network Solutions is a very well known and recognized organization, we feel getting an SSL Certificate from them delivers on these points. The price as of today for an SSL Certificate at Network Solutions is $89.00 per year.

Network Solutions pioneered the service for creating and acquiring specific “web addresses” or as is popularly known as domain name registration and today offer a full range of Web-related services.

Drawing on their over 30 years of experience, they make it simple and affordable for their customers to build and manage an online presence.


  • - Multiple Years Registration: Discount is available for each slab of multiple years. 10 years registration is being offered at almost 50% discount at $17.99 for all the above TLDs.
  • - 20 and 100 year domain registration service - They offer 20 and 100 year domain registration facility for .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .name and .us TLDs at $13.99 for 20 years and at $9.99 for 100 years.
  • - WHOIS Privacy: $9.00 per domain name per year.
  • - Domain Transfer: Transfer your domain name to Network Solutions. Domain transfers start from $19.00 per domain name and we'll extend your registration free for one year.
  • - Domain Forwarding: $12.00 per domain name per year.
  • - Personal E-mail Address: $1.33 per month per emailbox. Get discount for 5 or more emailboxes.

With every new purchased domain name you get the following Free Extras:

  • 1. Instant Web Page with Business Profile - Promote basic information about your company online, giving you an instant online presence. Their professional template lets you quickly create an online business card where you can display hours of operation, products and service, maps and directions, and more.
  • 2. Local Directory Listing - When you create your Business Profile, a listing is automatically created for you in their local business directory — ThinkLocal — to help drive customers to your business. With over 17 million U.S. business listings, ThinkLocal is the place to connect with customers.
  • 3. Online Account Management - Easily manage your domain names and other Web services at Network Solutions from any computer with Internet access.
  • 4. Sub-Domains - Create as many Sub-Domains as you like. Sub-Domains are extensions of your existing domain that allow you to better organize your site's content.
  • 5. Auto Renew - Allows you to automatically renew your domains when they are close to expiring. Auto renew protects your domains from service interruption or deletion by eliminating the need to renew your Web address manually.
  • 6. Online Support Center - Support Center houses answers to frequently-asked questions regarding how to set-up your domain, website and email and more.
  • 7. Domain Protect - Prevent unauthorized domain transfers by locking your domain.
  • 8. DNS Management - Manage name servers and DNS records online and at your convenience. Add new hosts to the domain, change IP addresses, or modify an email delivery address.
  • 9. Free 24/7 Real Person Support - Get free 24/7 help from our Real Person Support team via phone or email.
  • 10. Both credit card and PayPal payments are accepted.