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If you want to find a domain name for your business and your business name is uncommon, you'll certainly have an easier time and spend less than if you are pursuing a good keyword rich domain name. The exact domains are the hardest to find and when for sale are the most expensive. Often, you'll have better luck finding variations with .net, .biz, .info or .co. But, good names are becoming rarer all the time. Sometimes you'll get lucky and be able to scoop up a domain name that was allowed to expire. This is really the only option left for getting the difficult domain names at reasonable prices these days.

In this economy, there are great deals to be had, but determining what to pay can still be a challenge. Unless you are truly savvy in determining domain values, your best bet is to use a broker who can appraise the domain name you are interested in and broker a fair deal. The case may very well be that the domain owner is unaware of the true value. The free domain value calculators online do not provide true assessments of domain worth.

There are several things to consider in determining domain worth:

  1. Value of keywords - check the pay per click cost in Google AdWords
  2. Domain authority - get an idea of the domains strength by using the Open Site Explorer tool from Seomoz
  3. Traffic - get a rough idea of the websites U.S. traffic from Compete. These numbers are not accurate, but you can compare the website to its competitors.
  4. Email subscriber list - this will be provided by the seller. There are many ways to utilize a subscriber list to increase sales and a large list ensures a revenue stream.

Some people just want to get rid of their websites in hard times like these, but you have to be wary of the websites that may have been penalized in the search engines. If you want to do a quick check for a penalty, type site: into the search bar and see if the website comes up first in the results. If it does, there is no penalty. If it doesn't, the website has problems.

These are just a few things that are easy to look into on your own. A more in depth analysis by a professional appraiser is recommended, especially when acquiring an expensive domain.