Top 10 Domain Name Tips PDF Print E-mail

1. Choose a keyword rich domain name. Such as or to reflect your products or service

2. Buy an existing / expired domain name. Google ranks old domains higher so look for domains that are at least 1 year old. Use to check the domain - including checking for a forged page rank.

3. Choose a TLD (top level domain name) - examples: .com or .net or .org or .info Alternatively, the country specific TLD is also good - so for United Kingdom:


4. Check to see if all the TLDs are available for purchase. Use a service such as The extra cost will prevent issues further down the road.

5. Purchase the main Domain name for 10 years - Google ranks higher domains which are purchased for extended periods!

6. Short and memorable is better for return visitors: easier to remember.

7. Choose a domain name ideally with no hyphens - so is better than If there is no suitable alternative, choose a domain name with NO more than one hyphen. It will look spammy and there is evidence that Google is penalising NEW sites with lots of hyphens.

8. Do not choose an existing Brand / Trademarked name - you will not win!

9. You can only use letters, numbers and hyphens. No spaces! We think numbers are spammy - so or are not good choices.

10. Use one registrar for purchasing / parking your domain names. It is much easier when you have to update contact information, re-new domains, etc. Use a trusted provider such as or Keep your contact information up to date on the Registrar site especially the contact email address. Who wants to lose a valuable domain because you never received the renewal information?

Choosing a good domain name is one of the most important tasks before setting up your website. However, you may neglect some useful tips which will be very helpful for your selection. The first thing you should consider for your website is that if you need a generic domain name for your business. For example, if you are selling cups, do you have to put the world "cups" to your domain name. You may think it is necessary to do so and keep an eye on those expensive domain names which satisfy your needs. However, for the customer's perspective, you may already know some brands for the product before you start to search. So, some specific names might be more important than some generic ones. Normally, most specific domain names should be much cheaper than generic ones, and they may be more suitable for you especially you just start your business.

Another point to discuss is the length of the domain names. Although a domain name can be as long as 67 characters, nobody will use them all. The advantage of the short domain names is that they are easier to remember and have less typo. However, since most easy-to-remember short names have been registered, we are not likely to get a domain name which is a normal word or something you can easily think of. So, a longer domain name with good meaning and explanation may be a better choice. Also, most modern search engines will take the keyword in domain names into consideration when they rank websites.

The third thing for the domain selection is if you need to put hyphens inside your domain name. Putting a hyphen into a domain has its advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage would be that domain names with hyphens might be confused with domains without it. So, users are very likely to forget to type it. Most people are prone to type a domain without any hyphens, and this fact may take your users into your competitor's website. The good thing about using hyphens is that a long domain will be clearer if all words are separated by a hyphen. Also, you have a better chance to get your favorite name when the hyphen-free domain has been taken.

Regarding the prefix and affix for a domain name such as or, it is highly recommended to avoid using them since people are not easy to confuse them with other domains. If this is only choice for your website, you should bear in mind that you should promote the full site name. Otherwise, people are not likely to remember these prefixes and affixes.

The choice of TLD is another commonly discussed topic. Dot com is the most popular TLD and it is more recognizable than other domain names. However, most good names have already been taken. If you are looking for a domain name for your business or profitable organization, you'd better choose a com domain. Otherwise your domain might be considered as a non-profitable organization. So, if you are running a non-profitable organization, you should choose corresponding TLDs to suit for your business such as dot org or dot net.