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JustHostDo you want to find out what trusted web hosting is? Certainly! you would readily mention that and everyone would likely agree that looking for reputable web host is oftentimes exhausting and difficult. With all the commercials released that mentions fantastic web hosting offers, JustHost review can offer everyone a comprehensive rules on what to search for in the web hosting provider.

JustHost Features

  • Unlimited Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Included free domain name for life
  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime
  • Fantastico - Easily add WordPress, Joomla, or phpBB to your site

Hosting Control Panel

You need to be thinking of Cpanel that is really performing excellent work in maintaining and developing your site accounts better. Cpanel involves the capability to handle your e-mail configurations, domains and web site management. It is possible to produce modifications at any time you need for the web site.

JustHost uses the CPanel (control panel). It operates on an interface that has a number of different functions but is very user oriented. CPanel provides you with website statistics, search engine submissions, forums and file and domain management to just name a few. You will also find the icon labeled Fantastico which allows you to install scripts and software such as blogs, forums and shopping carts. Their CPanel User Guide walks you through all of its applications. Certainly no issues here. It was not difficult to navigate and manage applications. A very effective interface tool.

Hosting Reliability

If you plan to invest in hosting should get true reputable services from JustHost simply because they are completely providing you a guarantee to the unique load balancing engineering and high-speed connection. If you wish to get really serious cash you can't afford to rely on some of those with no guaranteed high up-time to maintain your site working.

JustHost has been consistently rated one of the most reliable web hosts. This is due to their unique load balancing technology and fast backbone connections. JustHost allows your site to be available from a variety of servers. This means that if one server goes down you will have another right there to back it up. JustHost is known to use Dell servers. These servers are considered some of the fastest in the industry. The Dell servers give JustHost a 99.9% infrastructure availability which in turn will lead to excellent uptime. Taking into account the state of the art firewalls and their failsafe reliability, you have yourself one reliable host.

Hosting Technical Support

Just Host focuses more on client satisfaction above all else. A dedicated support means staying there once you wanted them the most. Just Host can be obtained 24/7 by telephone, e mail and live chat client care regarding what ever technological issues you suffered within your web site.

Whether or not you have your small business that require certain on-line exposure or a person that wants to get hosted with a small budget look for no more because Just Host can help you along your way. With simply reading through this JustHost review it is possible to conclude that indeed best web hosting don't have to be very costly. Get more quality of the investments from Just Host web hosting you cannot get elsewhere.


With JustHost you don't only get quantity in the form of features and services. You also get quality and value. Let us explain. JustHost offers one of the best plans because of the amount of extra features involved when purchasing a hosting plan. These extra features are very useful and may be required depending on the website you wish to develop. Some of the features involved include unlimited bandwidth, unlimited diskspace, unlimited hosting, free sitebuilder, free setup and $25 free of Google and Yahoo Ad Credits. Taking into account that the price has been slashed down from $6.95 to $3.45/month, you have yourself a hosting plan that rivals the top competition. However, the really cool thing about JustHost is the fact that they offer an anytime money back guarantee. This means that if at anytime you feel like taking your business somewhere else you will be granted a full refund. As you probably noted from our other reviews, the value proposition is important, but not at the expense of poor reliability or customer service. After careful evaluation, Web Host Mentor concluded JustHost delivered as advertised.

Customer Service

Customer service is a big factor when it comes to web hosting. We can come up with some very creative problems when testing the hosting company resolve in handling our calls. We did not encounter any issues and were pleased with the response time and communication skills of the representative. JustHost appears to have a very competent customer service group. They offer 24/7 toll free phone support partnered with free email and a live chat support. You will literally get the answers you seek in a matter of minutes. Throughout JustHost's site you will find a comprehensive knowledge base. This will allow you to get answers to common questions very easily. They have video tutorials, recent entries, live support within the CPanel, popular articles and much more.


JustHost has earned the reputation of being one of the top web hosts in the industry. They are experienced in providing excellent hosting service to their customers. They have an excellent price plan, control panel, customer service and are very reliable. When you are provided with a wide range of features, services, tools, including unlimited diskspace and hosting for the inexpensive price of $3.45/month, it is a deal few can match. When it comes to getting every penny out of the dollar you invest, JustHost delivers.

Millions of people across the Internet are looking for reliable, good web hosting. The reason for this is because you cannot create a good website or business without a good reliable host. There are a lot of marketing dollars sent through the internet with lots of marketing schemes, and keywords but once you get to the host's sign up page, there's a lot of feeds, and additional items not aforementioned. That's why it's important to check out one of the better hosting companies out there, by reading a good Justhost review.

Justhost starts overshadowing the competition with their control panel. When looking at any potential host you need to make sure that the cPanel can help maintain your account with relative ease. From this specialized backend, you'll be able to manage your email, domain name, and a host of other options including files, and features.

The second thing to consider when looking at any hosting company is the reliability. You want a host that has a 99% up time. This element is an important part of the web hosting package for business owners. Those that are conducting business online need their store to be up at all times. You can't make money when your site is down and having good uptime is going to facilitate that need. A great Justhost review can really give you honest information.

Justhost shapes up a lot better in the traditional elements, but really garners attention with their amazing technical support. Customer satisfaction is important to this hosting company, but they have been creating some major positive reviews from customers that have been able to get live chat customer support and phone support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter what technical problem occurs, a customer will have friendly, and professional technical support, without additional costs.

Alright, at this point you're probably tired of hearing the merits of this company, but before you write it off as simple marketing speech, consider the raw data. When signing up for Justhost, you'll receive unlimited storage, unlimited transfer, unlimited domain hosting, unlimited email accounts, unlimited MySQL databases, free site builder, free domain for life, free instant setup, and an "ANYTIME" money back guarantee! All of these things are combined with no hidden fees, and the kicker? It only costs $3.45 a month! You are not going to find another company that is completely banking on this amazing prowess.

Compare many different web hosting companies, and you'll see that there are not many unlimited plans that not only cost under $4, but also offers so many free options upon signing up. Sure, there are a lot hosts that give you some free promotional items up front, but none of them keep you gaining steam for no additional fees, and then also give you award winning tech support. You'll be hard pressed to find a better offer, specifically in a crowded web hosting market.

Make sure you read a Justhost review before you purchase any hosting company. This company has 99.9% uptime, real people who speaks English that can answer all your problems, and a money back guarantee. That's right, if you do not like the service at all you can receive your money back with no questions asked. No other company will be willing to refund you in this manner, which means that this company is way ahead of the curve.

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WebhostinghubBased in Virginia Beach, WebHostingHub (WHH) is a new brand established in 2002.

Like most other budget hosting companies, WHH offers only one simple hosting plan – the All-In-One Shared Hosting Plan. And, like most other budget hosting companies, the features at WHH are more or less, which you get to host unlimited websites with unlimited disk storage, unlimited data transfers, unlimited webmail, FTP accounts, MySQL databases, and one-click installation on most popular CMS and web applications. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that these hosting features are bad.

In fact, these features are very good.

What Differ WebHostingHub From The Most Of Rest?

Since (as I said) most popular shared hosting deals are the same thing, the burning question that comes next would be: Why WebHostingHub is in my recommendation list?

Instead of beating on the dead horse again and again like other hosting review sites, I am going to tell you something different – Something different that might affect your decision to go (or not) with the Hub.

There are only five hosting companies I recommend and review on this site. I am not pulling these five names out of random pick. Instead, these five web hosts are selected after some careful considerations based on my eight years experience in web development.

The company WebHostingHub was established and currently managed by the same management of a well known premium web hosting company – the InMotion Hosting. I have been with InMotion for a long time, much longer than I’m with WebHostingHub, and I had some very positive experience with the InMotion team in the past.

What most casual shoppers do not know, is that a lot of (and I mean, really a lot, like most of them now!) well known budget hosting providers are now acquired by a giant business group named Endurance International Group (EIG). Matt Heaton doesn’t own Bluehost and Hostmonster anymore these days; the companies now belong to EIG. So are JustHost, iPage, FatCow, PowWeb, StartLogic, EasyCGI, VPS Link, SuperGreen, and the newcomer Hostgator. All these companies were sold to EIG in the past and managed by EIG now.

Personally I am fine with this scenario – after all, acquisition is the most common practice for growth in business. However, many webmasters I knew do not like that the hosting industry being monopolized by large cooperation. And for this reason, this makes our subject of review, WebHostingHub, a special one as the company is NOT owned nor managed by the big International cooperation.

WebHostingHub Hosting – Benefits

  • First Class Customer Supports Budget hosting companies often come with after-sales services that sucks (if there’s any at all); but, that’s not the case at WebHostingHub. The Hub inherits the good practice from InMotion Hosting (it’s parent company) and provide excellent supports in both sales and technical.
    The Hub provides 24×7, United States based, sales and technical supports through live chat, community forum, email and phone. I have asked for help from the Hub’s supports a few times in the past – trust me, the customer service department is nothing but A-class.
  • User Friendly And Great Site Migration Features Well, Hub’s tag line pretty much says it all: “Get Your Website Online In Minutes”. It is extremely easy to setup a new website with WebHostingHub; and furthermore, the Hub comes with an awesome feature – the No Down-time Transfer. Customers who are shifting over from another web host will get a temporary ‘platform’ to setup and test your sites before you make the actual move (something like the Staging Area at WP Engine).
  • Instant Account Activation WebHostingHub allows users to get started once the payment is made – great feature for those who want their hosting account ready instantly.
  • Advance Security with w/suPHP w/suPHP is not a common feature I see in budget hosting. This makes the Hub stands out from others – especially to those who want extra site protections.
  • Longest Full Refund Trial Period WebHostingHub offers 90 days full refund trial period. Hub customers get to refund their money paid (excluding domain registration fees and SSL certificates fees if any) in full if they cancel their account on the first 90 days.

WebHostingHub Hosting – Drawbacks

  • Lack Of Server Upgrade Option Sadly, like iPage, FatCow, BlueHost and many other budget hosting providers, shared server hosting is all you can get at WebHostingHub.
  • Charges On Account Backups Sites hosted on WebHostingHub are not backup automatically by default. In order to have your sites backed up at the Hub, you’ll need to pay $1 extra per month for the feature " Automatic-Account-Backup".

My Experience With WebHostingHub Hosting

At this point of writing, I have been with WebHostingHub for more or less six months and my experience are all good. For a web host that costs less than $5 per month, Hub’s Dell-powered is responding at a very satisfying speed. Further, the web host is acting much reliable than I anticipated – Pingdom send me monthly site uptime report and the Hub is constantly scoring 99.95% and above.

Also, I would specially mention that the account activation process at the WebHostingHub was remarkably smooth and quick. I got my activation email, login details, and hosting account ready as soon as I give in my credit card information. Such smooth transition is vital especially to newbies.

Conclusion – Who Should Go With WebHostingHub

Any webmasters or bloggers who want cheap hosting solution should consider hosting their sites at WebHostingHub. Low price tag, reliable servers, topnotch customer service, 90 days full refund policy, and my exclusive special discount link – it is difficult not to love WebHostingHub as a budget finder.

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inmotion hostingIf you have resolved in the New Year to set up a website for your business, or even move your present site to a new server, this is the time to shop around the various services. Typically at the beginning of the year web hosting companies will offer specials to entice you to enlist their options, and while you may find a deal in price you need to know if you get everything you need to run a site efficiently. InMotion Web Hosting is one such company that avails itself to mom-and-pop businesses and larger corporations alike with a selection of service plans which specifically cater to certain needs.

Perhaps one thing that has prevented you from creating your own website is the prospect of paying for bells and whistles you do not need. The people at InMotion Web Hosting understand how the Internet can intimidate some, which is why different plans are set up to provide everything from the basic space and content management to more powerful functions like file hosting and eCommerce support. Within each plan for Personal, Business, and VPS hosting are sub-plans that determine your disk space usage and domain support. If you plan to host a site with only ten pages for promoting your products, restaurant, or events, you could pay as little as six dollars a month and still receive the same 24/7 customer service support as a premium plan. Compared with similar companies like GoDaddy and HostGator, InMotion maintains competitive costs.

With the basic business and personal plans you manage your sites through the standard control panel, CPanel, which is used by other hosting services and is quite intuitive and user friendly. If you are more comfortable editing web pages via a program like Fireworks or Dreamweaver, there are options to FTP your data directly to your folders. With each plan, also, you have corresponding e-mail for your domain, and the ability to install WordPress and other popular content management systems like Joomla. There is support for PHP and PERL and MySQL depending on the level of service you opt for, and for extra fees you can hand over the design to them as well.

InMotion Hosting makes some pretty lofty claims on its website. For example, it states that it is up to 6 times faster than its competition. The company is certainly in need of improvements based on its last incarnation which did not offer unlimited bandwidth or disk space or support for many programming languages. However, InMotion Hosting are a company with a good reputation and what they offer is ideal for businesses looking for basic web hosting.


InMotion Hosting offers a 30 day money back guarantee which provides peace of mind for businesses trying web hosting out for the first time. You also receive free domain registration/transfer the first time you sign up. They offer several different packages such as Virtual Private Servers and personal cheap hosting but we will concentrate on what Business Class has to offer.

  • Launch: Their cheapest Business Class package will set you back $5.95 a month. You receive unlimited disk space and unlimited monthly transfer privileges. You also get 2 sites and 6 domains are supported.
  • Power: This package is $7.95 a month and offers 6 sites on one account, 26 domains supported, 100 additional sub domains, 2,000 FTP accounts and much more.
  • Pro: This is their most expensive Business Class offering and will set you back $13.95 a month. You are allowed up to 25 sites on one account and an unlimited amount of domains supported. The Pro package also gives you unlimited sub domains and FTP accounts.


InMotion Hosting enables you to access your account settings and site via a control panel and the FTP access with unlimited accounts on the Pro package is extremely welcome. Their customer support team is excellent as their representatives seem to know the answer to everything relating to their products. Well done to InMotion Hosting for training their staff so well. You also receive a website builder with any of the business plans you purchase which allows you to create websites in minutes.

Another benefit of having a Business Class account is the availability of Google AdWords. This terrific tool helps you find relevant keywords which can be used on your website. It shows you how many times a specific keyword is searched for as well as telling you if there is stiff competition for any given keyword. The ecommerce hosting through InMotion Hosting is compatible with Google Checkout and several other shopping cart systems. It should be noted that websites looking to accept credit card payments need to get an SSL certificate.


The fact that this service does not list the number of addresses or the amount of storage space you receive in their email offerings is rather confusing. Also, it is lacking Ruby on Rails (RoR) and there is no mention of the prices one must pay in order to receive upgrades such as SSL certificates and dedicated IP addresses. The unlimited bandwidth and disk space are welcome improvements on old versions of web hosting but there are still several things missing which prevents this service from competing with the best in the industry. It is an excellent starting point for those seeking simple web hosting however.

One of the award winning companies among hosting group is the InMotion hosting company which is offering a large number of online services to their clients all around the globe. The company was established in year 2001 and it quickly became an accepted and renowned one because of the expertise and services related to different web solutions. Other than web hosting services, InMotion is one of the companies that are also offering server-hosting solutions for both VPS or dedicated, convenient website management wherein the business could easily hire the company as it would be helpful in developing their web portals to a great extent.

There are two main kinds of hosting services that are being offered by InMotion that is personal and business. The personal hosting package is worth $3.00 per month and you could enjoy considerable 100GB of the storage capacity along with 1TB of data transfer. On the other hand, the business solutions package is offering the clients with unlimited storage capacity and data transfer; the price range is around $6.95 per month.

You are going to enjoy a large number of benefits while you are making use of the InMotion online services and one of the primary benefits include the robust and speedy email service. Whether you are using business or personal package, you will be offered with an unlimited email accounts facility. All such email accounts are more likely webmail kind of accounts which enables the users to easily and convenient access their accounts no matter wherever they are in the world.

Nevertheless, the developers also prefer InMotion because it is extremely flexible to make use of while working with different web languages like JavaScript, Perl C++, and even PHP which allow users to build Ajax based application with ease and convenience. Moreover, users will be able to control their web portals with the help of the CPanel facility. They will be enjoying a large number of functions and features mainly including Email to file access and many more.

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iPageiPage was founded in the year 1998. It aims to provide superb hosting quality service to all sorts of customers ranging from small business owners to large corporations. Nevertheless, a new user on the internet would also be suitable to be a customer of iPage because they have a diverse range of service which can provide a solution for any type of demand. Let's take a look at what are the benefits that we can get if we choose to host our website with iPage.

Reliability is the key to a successful website. With iPage, you can get 99.9% uptime for you sites. This is important for any website owner who is looking to run a profitable online business. You never know when your visitors will come to your website. Therefore, it is important to have it running at all times if possible. If a visitor arrives at your site and it is down, this will leave a bad impression and affect your reputation. So, the server uptime of your provider must be stable like what you can get from iPage.

As for the cost, iPage provides the best price in the market with their shared hosting packages.If you are an owner of a small business or a medium-sized business, you can opt for their Essential Hosting package. This package will provide you with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, database plus additional features that can save you up to $450. In addition, they have some additional add-ons that you can add to your hosting package based on your preferences. One of the add-ons that you should consider is their Automate Site Backup. This is a good add-on because it can help you with your website security. You must never neglect your website security because all of your information must be kept confidential.

iPage is one of the top web host organizations on the planet. The company has 10 years of experience, and has organised everything from business to individual to not for revenue and social websites during that time. Their characteristic is "flexibility," because they understand that no two clients have the same needs. This guarantees that you are able to create the web page that you need, with no problem or difficulty.

You will also discover that iPage can handle a remarkable range of different systems, such as Dreamweaver, FrontPage and Movement, and also allows you to create your own value to ensure you are able to personalize your web page as much as possible.

In inclusion, iPage provides the best in web page protection, defending both you and your guests. Mixing day-to-day viruses tests, trash checking, SiteLock technological innovation and website confirmation, iPage places your protection first.


Unlimited hard drive space
Unlimited MySQL Databases
Unlimited domains
Unlimited bandwidth
Online assistance system
Anytime money-back guarantee
Chat, e-mail and cellphone support
Free on the internet store

Pricing Concerns

Price is always an important issue when assessing web host solutions. However, with iPage, you can depend on low costs that works with your funds. While other serves offer tiered costs and create you pay extra for many niceties, iPage goes the range and gives you everything for an amazingly cheap cost. Just $3.50 per month gets you all the functions the organization provides, such as marketing resources, endless hard drive place and bandwidth, support assistance, a no cost web shop and more.

Reliability and Up-time Information

When assessing webhosts, you certainly need to take the host's stability and uptime into account. After all, if your web page is down, then your clients cannot check out. This means missing revenue for you.

However, iPage can feature 99.9% uptime, which is about as excellent as it gets. The host's stability is also renowned. These two aspects alone should be enough to persuade you that iPage is the right choice for your web host needs, but the attributes above provides even more benefits for those selecting to join with this coordinator.

Control Panel

Obviously, you'll want to know what sort of person interface you'll have to deal with. Often, the quality of the person program can do or die a connection between a customer and a coordinator. Now, while iPage does not use cPanel, don't let that prevent you. Their custom-built person interface provides as much versatility and management as you might want, over all aspects of your web page. It even provides some functions that you won't discover with cPanel.

Customer Support

An essential component of discovering an excellent web coordinator is discovering one that loves you enough to offer excellent support assistance and assistance. Here, iPage goes beyond the cod. In fact, they're an unusual kind these days, where many organizations think that excellent support assistance is offering an e-mail. iPage provides e-mail assistance, discussion assistance and cellphone assistance. Moreover, you'll discover lessons, a platform of knowledge, FAQs and more on the web page to help you out.


Ipage has been quite popular with its services in regards with web hosting. It has been in business since the year 1995, a long since then till date, the reputation has been quite good and a lot of people seem to be using the services. When it comes to performance, it is very important to rely on the company that is genuine and not like those who use fancy marketing strategies to pull customers and eventually cheat people. To know more about Ipage, the best source to go with is the Ipage review. This review talks in details about the development, right from the early stages to the current stage.

Though there are other good companies in the run as well, but when it comes to complete deals then what comes from Ipage is irreplaceable. There are many features based on which this company is a high rated one. To start off with, in terms of reliability, it holds a good position. It is very obvious that any customer would want to invest into something that he or she feels is worth being relied upon. Ipage uses fastest machines, which means that there are great deals of servers on the run that are available to support your website. The Ipage review places special emphasis on such points so that the reader gets to know more about the Ipage and also help the customers to take the right decision.

Apart from this Ipage also offers great amount of security. Today all of us are worried about the building threat of scam that is happening on the internet these days. Therefore whatever web hosting company you go with, it is very important to make sure that the company offers great amount of security not just in terms of 24/7 but also something that is well equipped and advanced. Ipage can definitely get brownie points for this, as it fulfils all the requirements of the customers. with a very flexible and affordable price and a really set of customer service making sure that you are never facing any problem, with so much you don't have to look any further than Ipage.

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GoDaddyCompany Introduction

GoDaddy is one of the oldest website hosting company offering quality & affordable solutions since 1997. While having a chit-chat session with his friends, Bob Parsons came up with an idea of creating a company by the name of GoDaddy. It currently hosts more than 45 million domains and is an ICANN accredited company. With a rating of A+ on BBB, the company has very well managed to provide great level of customer satisfaction. Read the full review here.


The company came into existence in 1997 with over 2,000 customer support staff.


GoDaddy provides quality & affordable website hosting solutions and services including VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, shared hosting and reseller hosting.

Customer Support Services

The company has a dedicated staff of over 1,500 experienced customer support representatives that are always ready to assist you with any problem. You can contact GoDaddy via email, live chat and toll-free number. My personal experience states that the average time for complaint resolution is not more than 24 hours.

Hosting packages and plans

The packages are quite affordable. The basic plan starts at $4.24/month & the Unlimited Package starts at $8.49/month. The VPS and dedicated plans are expensive but the quality of services is truly unmatched as compared to other web hosting companies.


All packages include unique features such as the ability to easily install popular CMS platforms. The best part is that you have a choice to select from Windows or Linux hosting on all hosting plans including shared packages. Have a look at all of the features below:

  • Windows & Linux hosting
  • Google AdWords credits
  • Facebook Marketing credits of $50
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • Integration of, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails and CMS platforms
  • $3.95 per month for dedicated IP
  • Free website builder by the name of Website Tonight
  • 99% server uptime guarantee
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • 24/7 custom support services
  • SEO & Search Engine Submission services

The server speed for a website hosted on shared environment is reasonable, but not very fast.


GoDaddy advertises their products via hot models in a creative manner. It is one of the biggest companies in the world and has high quality customer support services. Unfortunately the server speed wasn't what I was really expecting. My personal experience states that GoDaddy is a reliable company for your entire hosting needs.

GoDaddy is one of the most popular hosting companies in the world today because of their cheap prices and somewhat notorious advertising campaigns. Making frequent use of starlets such as Indy race car driver Danica Patrick and wrestler Candice Michelle in their advertising campaigns, they are often associated with racy Super Bowl commercials. However, their service is about more than simple marketing tactics. Many domains available through GoDaddy do not exceed $10 per year. If you are wondering how these prices compare to other comparable services, then consider what else that GoDaddy offers along with their primary product.

First off, GoDaddy offers friendly and knowledgeable customer service that you can access any time of the day or night. Using American-based customer service representatives, English speakers have an easy time getting the help that they need for their GoDaddy hosting account. In addition to their 24/7 sales support, the customer service team also provides an extensive FAQ on the main page that can easily help you answer simple questions without having to wait on a response. Last but not least, the Spanish speaking population can receive the support they need thanks to fluent Spanish speakers that are on staff to assist with problems.

Aside from the customer service, GoDaddy also offers several special features that few other hosting companies provide. One of these is the instant page feature, which can have you up and running with your website in no time, no matter what your skill levels are. User friendly and aesthetically pleasing your blog or online shop can stand out as a perfect picture of professionalism that the other guys simply cannot duplicate. And if you plan to have any kind of business or platform these days, you really do need a website.

GoDaddy also makes it super simple for you to transfer existing domains without any specialized knowledge. The transfer rate stays around $7.49, ensuring that anyone, no matter what their budget can afford to change from their existing plan to a GoDaddy hosted plan that provides the ultimate in functionality and support. In addition to this, the company's spam-free email guarantees will save you a lot in time and aggravation to go along with the savings that the company grants to your pocketbook.

When the time comes for you to reevaluate your hosting plan, it is important to look at the pros and cons of where you are now and compare it with the other options out there. As a source of comparison, and a company that has set the benchmark for affordable web hosting, GoDaddy remains one of the best choices for your money and for the strength and dependability of your website.

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What started out as a college project by Brent Oxley at University of Florida in 2003, ended up becoming a successful website hosting business. I am talking about HostGator, the company which Brent Oxley, the current founder and CEO, formed at his dorm room during his Masters in Computer Sciences. Today, it hosts over 8 million domains for more than 400,000 clients all across the world. It has been ranked by the Inc Magazine as the 21st fastest growing organization in the USA. Now that is what I call tremendous growth and success.


The company was established in 2003 at Houston, Texas. In 2011, it has opened its operations in India in a mission to provide better hosting services to Asian clients.


The company provides a variety of web hosting solutions including shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and reseller hosting. Till date, it is one of the highly preferred choices for shared web hosting, but other services are equally popular too. It also has a stable affiliate program for anyone interested in generating long term income by referring clients to HostGator.

Packages and Price

There are 3 different packages available for shared hosting. These plans are named Hatchling ($3.96/m), Baby ($6.36/m) and Business ($10.36/m). All plans except Hatchling, which offers only 1 free domain, come with unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

Control Panel

With both Windows & Linux based operating systems, you get cPanel website monitoring tool to manage your website remotely. Due to the intuitive user interface and friendly design, you can manage your website easily than ever.


I am not an agent of HostGator, but I must acknowledge that within a short span of just 9 years, it has managed to provide some of the best features in web hosting space. Here are some of these listed below:

  • Free Google AdWords credit
  • Free Facebook Marketing credit
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • 99.99% server uptime guarantee
  • 4,500+ free website templates
  • Professional Customer support 24/7
  • One-click easy installation of popular CMS tools
  • Joomla, Magento, Wordpress, and Drupal integration

Customer Support

HostGator offers professional customer support services. Their support is online 24/7 and you have the option to either call or mail the company to resolve your problems.


After my personal observation, analysis and experience, I have found HostGator to be the most reliable hosting company. I haven't yet found any loopholes in this company. The only drawback is that the company currently does not offer Windows based hosting on shared hosting environment. Other than that, it is ideal for small and large businesses.

Recently I made the decision to build a website to help promote my business. This meant that I had to find a hosting company. At the time I had no idea how to choose one but I ultimately went with HostGator. This has proved to be a very good decision and I am completely satisfied with the service they have provided.

To be completely honest I really didn't put as much thought into choosing a web host as I should have. In large part the reason that I choose HostGator is that they were the first one that came up when I did a search. That being said I did take the time to look at a couple of other hosting companies, the other ones on the first page of the search results, and this led me back to HostGator. The main reason that I chose them in the end was price.

HostGator offers rates that are quite a bit lower than the ones that were offered by their competitors. Since I was building my first website and was far from sure how successful it would be I really didn't want to invest a lot of money in hosting so I took the cheapest option. I started to worry a little bit about this as visited some webmaster forums and found everybody telling me that I shouldn't choose a web host based solely on price. The good news is that HostGator offers a lot more than just cheap prices.

The best thing that I have found about HostGator now that I have started to use them is that they make it very easy to build a website. This has proved to be a great benefit since I really didn't want to have to pay somebody to build my site for me. It has proved to be no problem, all I have to do is add my content to the templates they provide. They even make it possible to customize the templates so that I can add things like my company logo to the site.

So far I am very happy with HostGator as my hosting company. I may have picked them for the wrong reasons but they have made building and maintaining my site very easy. They are very reliable and very helpful when I do have a problem. I have had no issues with them and would highly recommend them to anybody else building their first website.

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BlueHostBluehost first began offering web hosting services to both personal and business customers way back in 1996, this makes them one of the longest standing and most trusted of all web hosts. They are a large company hosting over 270,000 domains from there Utah headquarters. During the time Bluehost has been established they have seen many competitors come and go, not only are they still around, but they are right at the very top of the industry.


Bluehost currently offers only one hosting plan. However, this plan is so feature rich that is suitable for everybody, from a novice hosting a small personal site to sizeable business with multiple websites. This is a Linux plan so if you are looking for windows hosting then you will have to search elsewhere.

For a full list of features you should visit the Bluehost site here. Below is an overview of the features that we consider most important:

Bandwidth - 3000GB/month - This is a truly huge amount of bandwidth and 99.9% of people are going to get nowhere near using it all up, even if they have multiple websites. This means that you will not have to worry about extra charges for exceeding your quota even if your traffic grows rapidly.

Disk space - 300GB - Again, far more than most will ever need and great if you have large website that requires lots of storage for video, photo, and music files. To put it in context 200GB offers you enough space for a website containing 57,142 mp3 songs (averaging 3.5MB per file)! So once more charges for exceeding this limit are very unlikely.

Unlimited domains - This is a great feature; it allows you to host an unlimited number additional websites free of charge. All your websites then share the bandwidth and disk space from your single hosting plan. This then allows you to make best use of the generous bandwidth and disk space allowances. Until recently you would have had to purchase another hosting account for each website (domain), and with some companies you still do. This multiple domain hosting is a lot cheaper, easier to set up, and easier to manage than having a separate host package for each site. This is certainly the future of web hosting, and Bluehost is one the companies that is leading the way. Even if you think that you will only be hosting one website at the moment, many people soon find that another would be desirable, especially when it is so easy to add a new website (simply go to your account control panel, select add-on domain and enter your new websites domain name (i.e. [http://www.YourWebsiteName] .com), and that's all there is to it.

Free drag and drop site builder - This easy to use software allows even complete novices to quickly build there own web pages without having to know anything about HTML or code writing. This is a great tool for those that don't own a website creation software program like Dreamweaver or FrontPage. Even if you do have access to other software you may still prefer to use this software if ease of use and time are your main concerns.

Free domain name - Registering a domain name costs money (usually between $10 and $15 dollars per year), and you can not have a website on the internet without having it registered first. Bluehost save you the cost and hassle of registering your name. They also provide free name domain privacy. This stops all your contact details being broadcast on the WHOIS database. Most domain registration companies charge a fee for this service. Bluehost will keep on renewing your domain name registration free for as long as you host with them. Also, if for some reason you did need to change to a different hosting provider, the domain name is completely owned by, and registered to you. This makes switching very simple (some less scrupulous companies register the domain in their name, making transfer very difficult).

Up to 2500 secure e-mail addresses - One for each member of staff in your corporation! Or you can make your operation seem larger than it is by using different e-mail addresses (i.e. sales@....., support@....., enquiries@..... etc, etc).

Fantastico script support - Fantastico can instantly install over 50 scripts for such things as blogs, forums, shopping carts, and portals, all seamlessly integrated into your control panel.

50 MySQL databases - Even if you think that you don't need one database let alone 50, this massive number of databases is incredibly useful for most users, due to the fact that each Fantastico script you run usually requires a separate MySQL database.

Free site promotion tools - Tools for search engine submission, keyword analysis, and search engine position reporting are all included.

Free marketing credits - $50 of Yahoo credits and $25 of Google credits. Use these credits for pay per click (PPC) marketing campaigns, in order to promote your site to the top of the search engine rankings. For many people these vouchers will be as good as cash because they would have spent money on PPC services anyway.

Customer service & technical support

Bluehost have long been associated with exceptional levels of customer service, and the overwhelming majority of user reviews and anecdotal reports would seem to support this. Bluehost operate 24/7 toll free phone support, which is considered the "gold standard" in the hosting industry. This means when ever you have a problem, you can immediately get in contact with a technical support operative, and quickly find out what you need to know. Of course its one thing to have a call centre fully staffed with operatives 24/7, yet it's another thing entirely to have those operatives fully trained and able to solve any technical support issues that may arise. Bluehost are way above average in this area too, especially for such a large company.

Our advice is that you should always contact your chosen host company prior to signing up with them. Bluehost is no different, test out their phone support, ask them a technical question, ring them in the middle of the night (if you happen to be awake); this is a great way to see for yourself how they operate. Bluehost also offers an online technical support service, so it's probably worth test driving that service as well. The online service is not instant but it is still quicker than most. Our experience tells us that you are unlikely to be disappointed with either service; however, it's always preferable to check it out yourself first.


Bluehost offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee, so if server uptime drops below this figure in any given month you are entitled to a free month's hosting. As you can imagine, this means that uptime rarely falls beneath this high threshold, because if it did they would not stay in business for very long. Server speed is something that's best tested by viewing sites that are currently hosted by Bluehost. They have a customer testimonial section and a forum where you will be able to gather some URL's for this purpose. That said, when considering the amount disk space and bandwidth you get and the money you have to pay for it, the server speed is generally thought to be excellent. The other aspect of performance which I feel we should mention is the control panel. This is where your entire site set up and maintenance occurs and is something you are likely to get to know very well. This means that a poor control panel can really ruin your hosting experience. Thankfully Bluehost uses one of the very best, a slightly customized version of cPanel. Speed and ease of use are both fantastic, and it is packed full of more features than most of us will ever need. The really great thing is that Bluehost provide a full working demo of their control panel on their website.

Our Verdict

As you can see from this review, we like Bluehost a lot. They offer huge amounts of disk space and bandwidth, excellent customer service and technical support, and we really love the ability to host as many websites as you like on one account at no extra cost.

What this review has not yet mentioned (and it is the overwhelming reason that most customers have for choosing Bluehost), is that all this comes at incredible value for money! The 12 month package is $7.95/month, and the 24 month package is just $6.95/month. Undeniably, this really is superb value for money. Tie this to the fact that Bluehost offer a 30 day, full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason. You are also permitted to cancel your account at any time after the 30 day period. In which case you will receive a full refund for all unused months, on a pro-rated basis.

All these things when taken together mean that choosing Bluehost for your web hosting requirements is a very low risk proposition. In our opinion Bluehost are a high quality host, offering an excellent hosting service that will appeal to a wide range of individuals and businesses alike. We fully expect Bluehost to keep up the good work, and keep putting far more expensive companies to shame. At this fiercely competitive price point, there are very few (if any) companies who can match Bluehost's all-round abilities, and therefore we thoroughly recommend them to all are readers.

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DreamhostFirst, let's start with the history of DreamHost and their company background. DreamHost is a California-based company that was founded in 1997. One of the nice things about this, is that all technical support is based from the United States. Many customers from other hosting companies have complained about the lack and quality of support - but not with DreamHost. DreamHost is known for their free 24/7 technical support which is offered in the event that you need help or have any questions, which makes setting up a website extremely easy and worry-free. DreamHost treats their customers like people - not numbers.

DreamHost (DH) was founded by four Computer Science undergraduates students in 1997. Since then DH has grown and has become one of the famous web hosting providers. According to DreamHost official blog they are now hosting more than 700,000 domains.

In spite of becoming such a big player in hosting world, their service hasn't been degraded and their first and only goal is to provide wonderful user experience to their customers. Now, managing more than 700,000 domains is not an easy task. They keep their growth in mind and they have enough support and technical staff to handle their increasing customer base. Need less to say that they also have data center with enough servers and redundant gigabyte Internet connections.

Although many other services offer a 30-day refund policy, DreamHost offers a 97-day money back guarantee. That gives you enough time to set things up and feel things out before completely committing to a service agreement. If you decide that DreamHost is not for you, just part ways. On the other hand, if you decide to stay, you will already have things set up.

DreamHost offers 50GB of free backup space. They have a strict user agreement license that forbids you from allowing visitors to access your server resources or from streaming copyrighted material. Furthermore, this web hosting service may ask you to pay for a dedicated server if your site becomes unwieldy. What exactly that means is unclear, but they have good reason – if your site causes problems for other users on the server, DreamHost will take action.

Unfortunately, DreamHost falls short when it comes to technical support. They don't offer a telephone number, and the live chat may not be sufficient in a tight spot. Furthermore, they have a history of scattered downtime. Small website owners probably do not need to worry about downtime because it typically only lasts for a few minutes. For large sites that rely on driving massive traffic loads, however, even momentary downtime can translate to a substantial monetary loss. If your website goes down, you can find status updates on the DreamHost blog to get an estimate for when it will go back up. This blog also serves as a notification for special deals and discounts, so it is a good thing to keep bookmarked in your favorites.

Despite the lack of a telephone support line, they do have a good knowledgebase and FAQs that can answer many of your questions. They also provide a forum where other users can help you with problems and concerns. These features don't make up for qualified, knowledgeable tech support personnel, but they can be helpful.

This web hosting service offers unlimited FTP accounts, including anonymous FTP with support for .htaccess. Luckily, they don't have any limits on disk storage space or monthly bandwidth.


In terms of reliability, DreamHost is fast and reliable. Given the unpredictable nature of technology, all hosting companies have down-time every once in a while, but DreamHost has very little down-time. In fact they offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee, which is pretty impressive compared to other hosting companies (some companies don't even offer an uptime guarantee).

Features Offered

With reliability and speed, you also get tons of useful features. Features that every successful blog or website needs. For starters, they offer a free domain name with your web hosting purchase, or you can use your existing domain name - either way, it's easy to setup with clear instructions. Of course, they also offer full support for PHP, MySQL, Perl, Python, and lots more which would take up too much space if we listed all the features here.

Storage & Bandwidth

In terms of file storage and bandwidth, DreamHost has you covered. They offer unlimited file storage and bandwidth which gives your blog or website plenty of room to grow without any worries of ever exceeding the limit. The peace of mind that every webmaster should have.



DreamHost is a unique provider that offers website hosting and other numerous services in differing price ranges. What is more? They are user-friendly services for two reasons.

- The issue of choosing a suitable plan solely depends on you and what your needs are.
- As you experience an increase in the size of your business, you can opt for an advance package.

I have noticed a peculiar fact that makes DreamHost different from the numerous web hosting providers out there. Customers can now pay for their website hosting on a monthly basis. Just as I have said earlier, DreamHost offers their clients and would-be players various packages to choose from. They include the following forms of hosting: dedicated reseller and shared packages.

Each of these packages comes with dissimilar price tags and they depend on your needs.

The shared hosting plan offers users various kinds of options. Once again, a shared plan depends on the customer's budget and needs. This specific plan is further divided into three parts viz, Hatching, Business and Baby.

The Baby class is the commonest out of the all. It can be likened to the same plans offered by rivals but this one is more beneficial. There are a lot of rewards that come from using this package or plan viz, an infinite amount of storage, bandwidth and domain.

The truth is that this plan can be found for nothing less than four dollars and ninety five cents. The highest it could go for is only less than thirteen dollars. Remember, this fee is paid monthly. The reseller plan offers customers five various packages for clients that resell websites. The price range falls between twenty five dollars and hundred dollars each month. The final plan is the dedicated server package. This one furnishes dedicated users with four plans. The price range is between a hundred and seventy four dollars and a high three hundred and seventy four dollars for each moth too.

A lot of people has reviewed and criticized DreamHost. They are saying that the firm is good and has an effectual service and helpdesk. Their technical crew also responds fast. Bearing the fact that they have over a million, five hundred websites to their name, such a service can rightly be called a feat.

From my research, it was noted that customer didn't even wait long before a representative attended to them or the technical crew was informed of any complaint.

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DreamHost (DH) was founded by four Computer Science undergraduates students in 1997. Since then DH has grown and has become one of the famous web hosting providers. According to DreamHost official blog they are now hosting more than 700,000 domains.

In spite of becoming such a big player in hosting world, their service hasn't been degraded and their first and only goal is to provide wonderful user experience to their customers. Now, managing more than 700,000 domains is not an easy task. They keep their growth in mind and they have enough support and technical staff to handle their increasing customer base. Need less to say that they also have data center with enough servers and redundant gigabyte Internet connections.

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