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FatcowFatcow is an internet hosting company that has been in existence since 1998. This makes it one of the oldest hosting companies in the market today. This gives them plenty of experience on what is required by clients who are looking for reliable hosting services.

If you are looking start a website and would like to get an experience hosting company to host your website, you can turn to FatCow Hosting. This company has been around since 1998. So it is one of the earliest providers out there in the market today. Therefore, you can count on them to host your website because they have plenty of experience to handle all sorts of technical issue if they occur. If you want a reliable hosting, you can depend on them.

There are many webmasters out there who are looking for affordable hosting. You can get it with FatCow because they offer affordable packages. Their MiniMoo Plan is a hosting plan that only requires you to pay a small amount of $5 per year. Users will be able to get a domain and an email address. In addition, users will be able to build their website using the SiteDelux website builder provided by FatCow. This is perfect for a newbie that has no knowledge about web design. So, for anyone who wants to jump into the world of online business on the internet, they can do it with the help of this hosting because it comes with great tools enabling to build their website from scratch. In addition, they will also get features like a placeholder page, spam filtering utility for their email account, auto responders, one click script installation, customizable control panel and webmaster tools for website promotion.


Fatcow Hosting

The first thing that you consider when you are seeking web hosting services is the price of the package. Going through a Fatcow review you will find that they have a unique hosting product, aptly named the MiniMoo Plan. With this plan you can have hosting services at the comfortable price of $5 per year. This way you get hosting with a domain name and an email address. This plan gives you access to their SiteDelux site builder which makes it easy for you, or any newbie without web design and technical knowhow, to use and launch a budding business venture on the internet. The Fatcow MiniMoo plan is ideal for those testing the internet waters and includes the following features:

• An email account
• A placeholder page
• Spam filtering utility
• Auto Responders
• One click script installation
• A customizable control panel
• Webmaster tools for site promotion.

This plan allows support for Open Source scripts such as WordPress and Joomla amongst others.Fatcow also has advanced web hosting plans that are equally competitive compared to those offered by other hosting companies.

Fatcow Customer Support and Backup Policy

Reading a Fatcow review you will find that they are reliable in the delivery of their Customer Support services. The company ensures that their support staff undergoes the "HeiferCratic Oath", which basically is an oath to respond to a customers query within two minutes flat. The support services are available 24/7 giving you the facility to resolve whatever problems that may arise with your website.

The reliability of Fatcow is further seen in their strict daily backup policy. The policy is such that all data in their servers is back up on other servers every 24 hours. This way you can be assured that your data will never be lost. Their backup servers also have backup generators that make double sure that you backed up data is protected further from incidences that may cause data loss.

Fatcow Green Hosting

A Fatcow review will also show that they are at the forefront in encouraging environmentally friendly operations. Their entire operation runs on wind generated energy. Global warming has become a great concern and will affect the future of our planet. As the internet continues to grow, data centers are increasing their energy consumption rates, leaving an increasing carbon footprint which contributes to global warming. Fatcow is one amongst those that want to conserve our planet by engaging in Green Hosting - the creation of environmentally friendly data centers that run on renewable clean energy.

When you look at any Fatcow review on the internet, there is an obvious lack of criticism of their services. Although this may seem somewhat biased, it is a reflection of the superiority of the services that Fatcow provides and not a marketing gimmick. When you are considering hosting a website, search for a Fatcow review that will direct you to companies that have hosted with Fatcow, test their sites and see for yourself what Fatcow has to offer.


Yes it's true; FatCow has been undoubtedly the best from many years and is increasing its list of satisfied customers day by day. But what about them who don't have the exact idea of web hosting? No worries now; FatCow provides every needed valuable information about web Hosting techniques. Hosting website involves many things to be taken care of. Disk space offered is main concern. Also, to get max discounts and efficient deals is time consuming and tedious job which includes huge market search. Some other factors are: Bandwidth offered monthly, Add-on domains, Site builder, FTP access and more. Also email features and ecommerce features are also in concern. FatCow gives the best available in all these aspects and excels its competitors by long distances. Let us discuss facilities of FatCow in detail.

Web hosting plans are of huge variety and by choosing the right alternative; you get to build online presence successfully. Services offered include: Disk Space, Bandwidth allocation, mailboxes and all these are unlimited! Rest like Domain name, Website builder and more are for free. FatCow also include Shopping carts, secure services through SSL etc. Add-ons such as Search engines, socializing through many social networking sites support, and total customer satisfaction through money back guarantee plans. One gets 24hrs and 7 days of customer support and FatCow technical associates are ever ready to help you out. Various tools such as Site building, webmaster tools supporting Google, online tools such as selling and store maintenance and more are provided by FatCow. But all these features are not just enough to get ready to host your site. It always important to get special discounts which will make your pocket happy! FatCow provides just the same. It offers monthly discounts as well as quarterly, half yearly as well as yearly discounts. It always has special schemes for its special customer. Now what does it take to become a special customer for FatCow? Well you just have keep enjoying its facilities and the more you do, your customer ratings go on increasing. Global Warming is a topic of concern for everyone today. It has not just remained on official's desk but will shortly become added subject in school academics. FatCow has already taken care of it and now it has turned 100% green in web hosting.

Another important to consider is about security. Hosting any website has this main concern. Your data should be secure and if your website is handling any monetary transactions, it has to extremely secure. SSL certificate is thus mandatory for any website. This is also provided by FatCow. If you wish to have SSL certificate for your website, just call the serviceman and he will personally visit your place and get SSL certificate installed for your website. This is another reason for opting FatCow. So go ahead and choose the best in web hosting; FatCow.

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