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A web host is a company which in effect provides a home for websites. The hosting service involves the provision of computer storage space where the web pages are all saved, and allowing for the transfer of data as these pages are viewed by users of the internet. No website can be viewed online unless it is hosted somewhere, though the geographical location of the web host makes very little difference.

So the main thing a web host provides is powerful computers on which different websites are stored. Most hosting involves storing several websites on each computer, known as shared hosting, but there is an option called dedicated hosting which means you get a separate computer where only your website is stored. This is a lot more expensive and is usually only required by larger and very busy websites.

It costs the web host money to provide the equipment and support required to host websites, so naturally they charge for their services. While there are such things as free hosting, this never amounts to the same thing as proper web hosting. Free hosting usually means the provision of very limited and restricted web pages on a shared domain, so you are just getting a few pages on a much larger site. This is very different to having your own domain name and total freedom with regard to how you structure and develop your website.

The two main measurable things that a web host will provide you with are storage space for your pages within the computer memory, known as disc space, and what is called bandwidth, which is really a measure of the transfer of data which takes place when people view your pages or download files. These two things are clearly measurable and when you arrange a web hosting package, you will be signing up to a certain quantity of these two things.

The limit you agree for disc space will determine how large your website can be and the type and number of files you can store. Each of your pages takes up memory, and things like image, video or music files take up a lot more memory than just pages of text. The limit on bandwidth must relate to how busy your website is going to be, in terms of visitors. When you hear about websites crashing, this is often a result of a sudden increase in visitors which pushes the site over its allowed bandwidth limit. It is unfortunately not unusual for some web hosts to automatically take your site offline as soon as you reach your bandwidth limit, without even informing you. This is one of the reasons you need to take great care when selecting a web host for your website.

The other thing that will affect bandwidth is the type of website you have and the sort of files on it. For example, if your site is for gaming or streaming videos, you are going to need a far higher bandwidth limit than a text based information site would require.

While these two main technical factors of disc space and bandwidth are certainly things you need to consider when choosing a web host, by far the most important considerations are how reliable the host is in terms of keeping your website online, and how quickly and efficiently their support staff respond when you have problems or queries. The only way to be sure about how any host performs in this respect is to check reviews by existing customers.

In general terms web hosting is basically a type of service that allows the person to establish his website or the domain name on the web world. This will help him to develop the presence of his business online and enhance the business all the way round. Today it is important for every business to promote it self online so that more and more market can be captured and therefore increase the clientele. This way you can make the survival of your business for a long run and also makes it possible to succeed for ever.

The first and foremost step in the way to web hosting is to decide the name of website and get it registered. And after this you need to search for the company that provides you goo services so that you can host your site without any problem. Today there are end numbers of companies available in the market that helps you to promote your business online. However you need to be a bit cautious in this regard as there are many companies among them who are not capable of providing the required quality of services. You can take reference from others or can also look out for a company that is present in the market since years and therefore had a lot of experience. This way you can get excellent services.

It is important to note that there are three forms of web hosting available in the market that can help you in hosting. These are shared hosting, virtual hosting and dedicated hosting. Each of the hosting has its own advantages and disadvantages. So after considering the requirements individually you can select one among them. Your selection shall depend on certain factors like size of business, budget, nature of business etc. So just ensure that you select the best of them.

A shared hosting is a kind of hosting where all the users make use of single server only. This is the reason why it is a bit cheap in comparison to other two. This is more apt for a small scaled business or the one who is just beginning to enter in the field of hosting.

The other two forms of hosting includes are majorly selected to host multiple websites through dedicated servers or virtual servers. However these are preferable for large business enterprises only as they are a bit expensive in comparison to shared web hosting.

So if you are planning for web hosting then it is preferred that you first check out the essential requirements of your business and then reach any sort of decision. You can also take help of various companies present on internet and compare them all. This way you can make your hosting proper and reliable.