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The internet plays a very significant role in the lives of today's youth as a source of information of any kind. Be it gathering data about a topic, keeping in touch with old buddies, sending files to someone far away, contacting emergency services, booking tickets for flights or trains or buses, the internet is the first preference of everyone today. The technological revolution powered by the internet has encompassed the whole world in this modern age.

Websites are an important medium for accessing and gathering information and services. Companies, individuals and businesses run most of their business through the internet via their own websites. This information is loaded on the internet on spaces called web servers through processes of web hosting. Web hosts are those companies or individuals who own these spaces that can be uploaded through the server.

There are many types of regular web hosting servers such as web hosting, Virtual Private Server or VPS, dedicated servers, etc. Among these, the VPS is most advantageous as it provides the services of both a dedicated server and a shared hosting server. The VPS is a big server broken down into many small virtual servers, each having their own operating system. Each user can operate on a VPS server separately and independently. Such accounts can be booted and rebooted by the users having complete control to the part owned by them.

Such a user can install any software or execute any operation without having any effect on the activities of the other users of the same VPS.

The VPS hosting ensures complete technical control to the owners of websites and allows them to install any software they desire. This is not allowed by shared web hosting. The users of VPS have autonomous control over their servers, which are protected by root passwords known only to them.

A VPS web server (Virtual Private Server) provides you the web presence that your business needs, which is similar to dedicated hosting but does not burn a hole in your pocket. For any business that serves dynamic content and receives a fair amount of traffic VPS Hosting is perfect choice. As you are not required to maintain your own server the cost of IT staff and other operational costs for power and connectivity is saved, resulting in better profits for the business. This allows you to pass on the benefits to your customers in form of reduced prices and gain advantage over the competitors.

The Virtual Private Server you get can also be scaled up depending upon your business needs. Usually a hosting provider allows you to choose a configuration for your VPS and the features you want with the level of service. You can also replace hard drives at any point of time without shutting or rebooting the server. You also get complete root access to the server.

Various options are available to the VPS customers, you can build your own VPS and can have complete control over the server configuration and install software's of your choice with the specific security settings you need. You can choose the operating system you want and host multiple websites and also customize the amount of bandwidth for each of them.

The VPS hosting provider also provides regular backups of your websites with all emails, files and databases. So you don't have to worry about the back ups and your files would be safely stored and you can retrieve those files in case you lose your data or due to any other unavoidable circumstances you lose your files.

Another important feature of VPS hosting is that you can choose to maintain the server on your own or you can allow the service provider to do that on your behalf. This is possible through managed hosting and unmanaged hosting. If you wish to take care of your server then you can go for unmanaged hosting or if you want the service provider to take care of the server for you then you can go for managed hosting. You can also choose semi-managed hosting where the necessary maintenance and upkeep of the server is your responsibility and the hosting provider takes care of the hardware and network issues.

Web hosting services & Features

If you do not choose the best VPS hosting plan, you put your website at great risk. Moreover, if your clients realize that your services are not reliable, or that your site is unavailable, they may opt to leave and look for other alternatives. To forestall such scenarios, it is better to carry out a thorough selection process to give your site a higher profile and reputation among its users. Some of these amazing plans will make it easier for your site to handle increased traffic and ensure that at no time does it get slow. The best hosting platforms use the finest VPS technology.

Features of the best VPS hosting plans include the presence of virtualization technology of the highest quality. This goes hand in hand with the optimal hosting control panel software or tools. Some of the top control panels used in this regard includes Parallels Virtuozzo Containers in addition to SolusVM. Such panels give you the chance to enjoy the complete control over the hosting platform. Branded server hardware is used by these technologies to make your site more reliable. A few of them include branded components and highly reputable server processors.

Make sure that you are assured of prompt and efficient customer service at all times. This should cover all aspects of technical support as well. There has to be a service level agreement that offers clear guidelines on what you should expect from the VPS hosting company. The agreement needs to show you how much network uptime to look forward to. Other service features which need to be guaranteed include routine and regular backups. Monitoring of the server needs to be a proactive measure rather than a reactive one by the hosting company.

Although there are great VHS hosting plans, with some very impressive features, you need to understand that these are subject to costs. You need to be prepared to pay more for some of the features, which will assure you of the best hosting plans from the company providing you with the platform through which to enjoy VHS hosting. As a matter of fact, the managed hosting plans provide some of the most essential features, which provide you with enhanced security to protect your data and site from the risk of malware, and losses. This is helpful with regard to critical data.

When choosing the greatest VPS hosting plans, make sure that you get one with a range of control panels for you to choose from. Some of the leading include cPanel, DirectAdmin as well as InterWorx. The plans you acquire to provide you with hosting solutions need to be those which give an assurance of being able to support both Windows and Linux operating systems. In addition to this, it needs to be one, which provides excellent control panel software. Virtualization technology has to be of the highest caliber with these types of hosting plans.

Ease of Use

Flexibility is one of the aspects of the best VPS hosting plans that one has to look out for. One has to ensure that any plan choose to provide these needs, is one that is most suitable. These plans should be accompanied by other features, which add value to you and your site. They need not to attract further costs or higher pricing. However, it is only wise to expect to pay more for some of these features.


It is widely acknowledged that the best VPS hosting plans will provide your website and clients with more reliability. This means that your site will never stand the risk of suffering any downtime or malicious attacks, which may make it much slower thus problematic to your clients.