Small Business Web Hosting - 12 Killer Tips For Choosing a Hosting Service PDF Print E-mail

If you are ready to build a website or looking to drop your current hosting provider because it lacks the overall quality necessary to take your internet business to the next level then you have to focus on the following 12 tips when choosing a small business web hosting service:

  1. The hosting company should have an acceptable amount of experience providing their web host services. You want to know your blog or site is in good hands. Although that is obvious, it is much more critical when it comes to technical aspects of your business.
  2. They should also own their data center. It would be counterproductive to enter into business with a hosting provider that uses third party servers. That would add another layer of difficulty to something that is too important to your business not to take seriously.
  3. It is very important they have more than a few Internet connections. In a business that provides clients with the systems to keep their blogs and sites running it is imperative they are able to switch over to optional ports if one goes down. The more stable hosting companies have multiple backups.
  4. Every quality business must have is a superb customer support system and your choice of a host is no different. You should be looking for a service that has around the clock support through various channels, such as chat, email and toll free numbers.
  5. Ensure the host provides high levels of redundancy. Nothing is perfect, so having systems in place to monitor any issues across the board that could cause damaging results for their clients before it reaches a chaotic level is a must.
  6. Do not assume your data will be backed up. You must find out what data backup systems are in place as well as the ability to give their clients the option to also backup their data. You could never be too careful. Losing data could set you back big time.
  7. Is there a money-back guarantee? Are there any contracts involved? Activation or set up fees? If you are dealing with shared hosting services this should not be an issue. You should be able to get a 30 to 45 day money-back guarantee, no contracts, and free activation or set-up fees.
  8. As you grow there has to be room for growth with your marketing tools A quality hosting provider should be able to give you access to unlimited websites, free site builders, and multiple email accounts including POP3, IMAP and Webmail.
  9. You also need to keep up with the constant changes on the internet and your hosting account should have CGI, PHP, RoR, Perl and other scripts essential to your growth.
  10. They should also offer MySQL for database driven programs and forums. An ideal hosting package would include multiple MySQL databases.
  11. Fantastico is a must if you are looking to install scripts, such as WordPress, Nucleus, Joomla, Drupal, PerlDesk, etc.
  12. If you already have a hosting account and want to transfer over to a better one most quality hosting providers will be able to transition you over seamlessly. They will offer easy domain, file, database and scripts transfers.

Although a lot of this may sound complicated, they are important to learn. It could make a significant difference to your business.