What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Shared Web Hosting? PDF Print E-mail

Let me start by stating that I'm not against shared hosting. It's totally fit and cost-effective for small and hobby websites. If you are a webmaster beginner, I'd recommend you a shared host as well to start off because it's relatively easy to manage and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

While shared hosting doesn't generally hold up a reliability record as good as that of dedicated hosting, well managed shared host can be very reliable too, just you have to be careful and know how to do the research in finding one.

So here goes the advantages of shared web hosting:

1. Its costs is almost neglect-able. Websites start small thus don't use much storage and traffic at all. In this case, shared hosting is a blessing. Good providers can deliver excellent shared hosting services at a minimal cost.

2. It is easy to use. Most shared companies provide cPanel to their customers to manage their host account. cPanel is a widely accepted standard in hosting control panel. Chances are, if you are already using a host service, you are using cPanel. Though not much to look at, it is incredibly easy to use and by its help you can breezily manage a lot of stuff regarding your shared account.

3. It is usually easy to upgrade to premium plans if you exceed your resource caps. Most hosts allow a smooth transition from low-entry accounts to high-end ones. So starting small is financially preferable, because you get to choose to upgrade whenever you need it, be it traffic spikes or long term growth. However if you kick started with a premium hosting plan such as a VPS, it's usually hard to downgrade, partly because your host doesn't want it to happen, partly because of some technical difficulties.

4. Don't worry, shared account is able to hold multiple domains or websites as dedicated hosting or vps hosting are.

Disadvantages? They are pretty obvious as well:

1. Shared hosting can be expensive when your websites have grown out of the box. The server resources shared by hundreds of other websites can be hard to acquire and your websites will be down or far from responsive.

2. Any website on shared servers are susceptible to larger blacklisting doom because there are simply a lot websites hosted on the same IP. One of them may be doing something illegal such as sending out spam emails and all the websites on the IP could be blacklisted.